Clinical trial laboratory services

Exploratory Biomarker services

Providing a range of exploratory biomarker testing capabilities and services. 

Clinical trials laboratory services


Resonance Clinical

Fully conversant with the FDA, UKCA,  CE and TGA regulatory requirements.

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Meet your corporate deadlines with our exploratory biomarker services. Our laboratory team works efficiently and in a timely manner so you can reduce costs and patients get access to new medicines quicker. 

Dr Dora Li - Resonance Clinical

Dr Dora Li

Resonance Clinical

Creating breakthroughs since 2005

Biomarker assay development and testing

Sample collection and management

Genomics and sequencing

Transcriptome and knockdown testing

Biomarker assay development and testing

Our laboratory team incorporates biomarker data analysis for primary, secondary and exploratory assessments. Our team develops and validates an assay specific for your trial. We have access to a comprehensive list of standard and novel biomarker assays available on multiple platforms. 

Sample collection and management

Our team collects, tracks and secures storage of clinical samples. Our facilities allow us to store samples both for short- and long-term storage at ambient, refrigerated and frozen temperatures (-80°C, -20°C, 2-8°C). 

Genomics and sequencing

Our genomic and sequencing analysis services comprise genotyping and mutation analyses for subject/verification, stratification and disease risk factor analysis. 

Transcriptome and knockdown testing

Our team provides target specific knockdown and/or transcriptome analysis: mRNA expression, RNA splice alteration analysis and protein verification (ideal for siRNA and ASO). 

Therapeutic Areas - Resonance Clinical

Our therapeutic areas

We focus on iron overload disorders, metabolic and liver-related disorders and brain diseases. 





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Resonance Clinical
We are fully conversant with the FDA, UKCA, CE and TGA regulatory requirements.
Active since 2005
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Provides over 100 clinical trials worldwide
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